Hi, I'm empatree
And... what are you?
I'm a little invention with a big mission:
Nurture empathy and bring people together
Look, I'm on a film!
Interested in trying me? We are currently working on the English & French versions of empatree. But, meanwhile, you can always check my spanish beta!

And that's all!
Hope you liked the idea of empatree
When will the english version be ready?
Glad you asked!
Sing up and be the 1st to know about it
Cool! Something more?
Actually, yes indeed...
I also help companies develop empathy between their employees, tackling early-stage conflicts before they scale up and become 'harder to solve'.
That's interesting. Can we talk about it?
Sure! Click here to arrange a DEMO of empatree with your company
Et, voilà! This is the end of my homepage.
Thanks for visiting, and may the force (of empathy) be with you.